Why Inbound Marketing Automation is the Future of Digital Marketing

Inbound marketing automation means using software to automate tasks that attract, engage, and satisfy customers. It helps businesses grow and reach marketing goals. This article will discuss how it works, why it’s crucial for digital marketing success, choosing the right software, and how OnextDigital can assist in implementation.

How Inbound Marketing Automation Works

Inbound marketing means making content that interests the people you want as customers. When they come to your site, you can turn them into leads, then into customers, and keep them coming back. It’s all about understanding how customers decide to buy, which happens in three steps: first, they become aware of your product or service, then they consider it, and finally, they decide whether to buy.

inbound marketing automation

Marketing automation tools can help you automate and optimize various tasks and campaigns that correspond to each stage of the buyer’s journey. You can employ marketing automation tools, such as:

Create and distribute content that educates your audience and addresses their pain points

  • Capture and segment leads based on their behavior and interests
  • Send personalized and timely email campaigns that nurture your leads and move them along the sales funnel
  • Track and measure the performance and ROI of your marketing activities
  • Deliver exceptional customer service and support that increases retention and loyalty

Some of the popular and reputable inbound marketing automation tools and platforms are HubSpot, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and Zapier.

Why Inbound Marketing Automation is Essential for Digital Marketing Success

Inbound marketing automation has many advantages over traditional outbound marketing methods, such as cold calling, direct mail, and advertising. Here are some of the reasons why inbound marketing automation is the future of digital marketing:

  • It saves you time and money. By automating and streamlining your marketing tasks and campaigns, you can save time and resources that you can use for other strategic and creative aspects of your business. You can also reduce human errors and improve efficiency and productivity.
  • It increases your lead generation and conversion. By creating and delivering relevant and valuable content that matches your audience’s needs and preferences, you can attract more qualified and interested leads to your website. By sending personalized and timely email campaigns that nurture your leads and provide them with the right information and offers, you can increase your conversion rates and sales.
  • It enhances your customer retention and loyalty. By providing exceptional customer service and support that exceeds your customers’ expectations, you can increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty. By sending relevant and engaging content and offers that delight your customers and encourage them to refer others, you can increase your customer retention and advocacy.

According to a report by HubSpot, 68% of marketers say that their marketing automation software has increased their customer engagement, 58% say that it has increased their sales revenue, and 54% say that it has increased their lead generation.

inbound marketing automation

How to Choose the Right Inbound Marketing Automation Software for Your Business

Numerous software solutions for automating inbound marketing are accessible in the market, yet not every one of them may align with your business requirements. When selecting the ideal software for your business, it’s crucial to evaluate several factors:

  • Your business goals and objectives. You need to define what you want to achieve with your inbound marketing automation software, such as increasing your traffic, leads, conversions, sales, or retention. You also need to set specific and measurable KPIs and metrics that will help you track and measure your progress and results.
  • Your budget and resources. First, figure out how much money you can spend on your marketing software and how much time you can devote to setting it up and running it. Then, think about whether the software can adjust and expand along with your business as it grows and evolves.
  • Your features and functionality. You should figure out what you want your inbound marketing automation software to do, like making and sharing content, getting and sorting leads, sending emails, tracking results, helping customers, and connecting with other tools. Make sure it’s easy to use, works well, and has good support.
  • Your comparison and evaluation. To find the right inbound marketing automation software for your needs, compare options using the criteria mentioned earlier. Check if they meet what you’re looking for. You can use a checklist or table to make this easier and pick the best fit for your goals.


The upcoming trend in digital marketing revolves around automated strategies that focus on attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. This approach not only streamlines processes but also boosts efficiency, amplifies lead generation, drives conversions, and fosters customer loyalty. To harness the full potential of this method, selecting suitable automation software tailored to your business objectives, financial constraints, desired functionalities, and thorough assessment is crucial.

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