Your project is huge and your resources can't handle the workload?
Are you tackling complex projects that require high levels of professional and technical expertise?
Are you struggling in hiring or maintaining the in-house team?

ONextDigital will help your business solve all challenges by offering comprehensive outsourcing IT service with seamless incorporation of cutting-edge technology and skilled resources. Possessing 12 years of experience in offering first-rate IT white label software service to a wide range of clients across the globe, we have helped many agencies reduce business expenses, expand portfolios, and build company reputation while enjoying complete ownership safeguarded by strict NDAs.

With ONextDigital, you get

With ONextDigital, you get

  • Direct access to skilled resources that perfectly match your business needs
  • 70%-50% cost savings on project development by hiring high-quality human resources in Vietnam
  • Cost reduction in infrastructure and labor while fulfilling resource shortages
  • Consistent communication and instant support
  • Work effectively through smart project management methodologies like Agile & Scrum

Why choose us

01 Affordable Services
By partnering with us, you have a wide door of access to high-quality talents at a much more favorable price. The lower average living and labor costs make it more affordable to hire employees with equal expertise in Vietnam than in your primary country.
02 Strict NDA
We understand our clients' need for confidentiality and the protection of intellectual property. Therefore, we ensure that you fully control your Intellectual Property and unique expertise. Beside, all project information is secure.
03 Agency-Centric Approach
Being an outsourcing company, we understand the ecosystem of other agencies. Therefore, we use effective project management techniques such as Agile or Scrum to deliver client-oriented solutions.
04 Extensive set of skills
We have extensive expertise serving over 7,000 clients globally (B2B and B2C clients), allowing us to deliver diverse and versatile IT solutions.
05 Transparent Pricing
We offer cost-effective pricing and full transparency to the clients. Our client can pay as they grow without requiring a large upfront investment. Moreover, we do not charge any buy-out or other hidden fees.

Ready to experience first-rate service quality with us?

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