Why Choose Magento Development Services From ONEXT DIGITAL?

Magento is known as a platform built-in with PHP, the 1st time released on March 31, 2008. Surely, you already know Magento is the top 1 open-source platform with many benefits. According to statistics, with more than 400.000 websites all over the world, Magento gets more than 300.000 users there. When you choose to read this article maybe you already choose Magento instead of WordPress and Shopify. Choosing the correct platform is really hard, but there is a challenge harder than that. Which company or agency should I believe in? What can we base on to select the correct partner? This article will show you the elements you need to check carefully and hope can support you in the future.

The element needed to consider when choosing a Magento development


Experience in Magento development

Before choosing any company to become your partner, I’m sure that you need to check its experience first. That is obvious. Normally, your company will get more prioritization when you have more experience. This is not the main element but this is very important. It’s risky when choosing a young agency to collaborate with. 


Need to remind you that the portfolio is very important, you can get a lot of information from there. From the powerful sales tool for development companies, the company’s capabilities, delivery methods, and web development strategies by carefully reviewing their portfolio.


This element relates to the experience in some ways. If you accompany an experienced team, that means they’ve been through many kinds of Magento projects. So the solution they give you, maybe the best one for that time instead of spending more time to try and try again. The best solution is to help you save time, budget and manpower. 


The success of the Magento project is balanced among price, quality and time. But it’s not easy at all. The saving time solution but not sure that is the cheapest solution. A correct team who can give you the solution, balance the  price, quality and time or reduce the difference as small as they can. 

Support 24/7

Not only the implementation project, after launching the site, this stage is very important with the owner. Some issues can occur even if the development can’t find it in any browsers before that. But still have extra time to support you and adjust to those issues.


A clear and transparent process is one of the elements to consider in any company. When any problem comes out, you need to calm down and find the solution. The only thing you need to do is follow the process, avoid twice fixing. 


You have to keep in touch with your development while the project. But on the other hand, the developer must be able to comprehend what you need and willing to give the suggestion. 

Why is ONEXT DIGITAL the best choice for the Magento Development service?

Since the 1st time launched in 2010, ONEXT DIGITAL has been on top of Vietnamese software outsourcing. 

More than 10 years of experience, a thousand projects have been delivered and 98% customer satisfaction. 

More than 10 year of experience with Magento projects

ONEXT DIGITAL has more than 10 years of experience in providing and developing Magento websites. We can do everything to make sure that functions are correct and meet your requirements. ONEXT DIGITAL uses the latest industry-leading technologies and strategies to create unique and innovative solutions, so what solution you’re getting is the best possible service. 



A fully cycle service

ONEXT DIGITAL has a big team of experienced experts (designers and developers, QA and tester), it’s effortless for us to provide you with a complete cycle, from coding to designing, and the testing also. 

Diverse Portfolio

ONEXT DIGITAL is a multiple Magento development services company which has a rich portfolio of Magento projects completed.  We take pride in our ability to create high-quality, functional websites. That’s also the reason why we have received so many projects from various customers and completed them successfully with 98% of customers satisfied.

Various Magento services



ONEXT DIGITAL takes pride in consulting and implementing Magento projects for businesses with the most professional and accurate workflow.

With Magento, we have many kinds of services such as: Platform Migration, Audit & Optimization, Custom Development and Maintanece. 

Suitable pricing for small-to-medium businesses and startups Magento project 

ONEXT DIGITAL is one of the most affordable options for Magento development services, that’s why we are one of the best choices for small-to-medium companies and startups. Moreover, because of our affordable pricing, our clients are not only store owners but also lots of other Magento development agencies. 

Agency – Centric approach 

To be an outsourcing company, we understand the ecosystem of other agencies. Hence, we use effective project management techniques such as Agile or Scrum to deliver client-oriented solutions. 

Extensive Set Of Skills

We have extensive expertise serving over 7,000 clients globally (B2B and B2C clients), allowing us to deliver diverse and versatile IT solutions. 


We design and develop high converting websites that meet all the client’s requirements and standards like WCAG 2.0, W3C, SEO, etc. 

Flexible Engagement Model

We design a large number of corporation models that suit any scales and requirements of the clients. Therefore, our partner can choose the suitable model based on the scope of the project, including project/ task-based collaboration, remote team, dedicated resource…

To wrap up

ONEXT DIGITAL is growing bigger and bigger, providing the solution and developing the Magento project for many years until now. Not only focus on Magento, but other platforms and other services are our strengths also. From web development to hiring developers, from UI/UX design to fully-tested. So please don’t hesitate and contact us, you won’t regret. 

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