Shopify Clothing Stores: Inspiring UX for Entrepreneurial Success

Are you a fashion-forward entrepreneur on the lookout for some sweet Shopify stores to get fresh ideas from? If so, the best Shopify stores can provide some serious sources of UX inspiration. What fashion store do today’s shoppers expect? 71% of customers demand blended interactions with personal touches, where unique and personalized experiences take center stage. In reality, there is a lot more to come. Check out our list of top Shopify clothing stores for design ideas, tips, and shopping, to start your clothing store on the right foot.

1. Best practices for improving UX in Shopify e-commerce store

Before embarking on your journey of inspiration, it’s crucial to understand the key features that our Shopify experts highly recommend incorporating into your arsenal. These tried-and-true methods are guaranteed to help you create an enticing and user-friendly shopping experience.

1.1 Embrace Well-Timed Pop-ups

shopify clothing storesTop-performing pop-ups can achieve a conversion rate as high as 60%. (Sumo) Gone are the days of intrusive and distracting pop-ups that annoy users. When used strategically, pop-ups can be highly effective. Offer store visitors a tempting incentive, such as a 10% discount on their first purchase, or entice them to sign up for your newsletter to become subscribers. Capture their attention while they are actively exploring your website. The key is to display the pop-up at the right moment and in the relevant context.

1.2 The need for speed in theme loading

In the UK, 75% of people consider page loading speed as the most crucial factor affecting their overall experience. (Google) Delivering a swift loading experience is paramount to keeping users engaged. Optimize image sizes and adhere to best practices for theme freshness, caching, and performance. Conduct tests on various page elements to ensure optimal speed. Remember, a slow-loading page not only hampers user experience but can also negatively impact your SEO and result in customer loss over time. Prioritize optimizing your site for speed above all else.

1.3 Simplify Product Discovery 

Simplify Product Discovery 

If a buyer can’t locate a product in your online store, they are likely to abandon it and search elsewhere. Simplifying the process is crucial. Include a prominent search box in the header and incorporate relevant filtering and sorting options for easier navigation. Additionally, consider implementing AI-based product recommendations to inspire users and provide them with creative ideas during their exploration. By enhancing product discovery, you can improve the overall user experience and increase the chances of conversion

1.4 Seamless Experience Across Devices 

Customers who have a negative mobile experience are 62% less likely to make future purchases. (Google) Ensure a consistent and seamless experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It’s crucial to optimize the checkout page specifically for mobile phones. Simplify the process and minimize text entry fields by leveraging autofill capabilities whenever feasible. Provide users with a fast, intuitive, and enjoyable interface that works flawlessly on any device. If possible, aim to create an app-like experience within the browser, earning bonus points for delivering a highly engaging user experience.

1.5 Offer Multiple Payment Options

 Providing flexibility in payment methods is essential for your customers. Enable them to pay using various options such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and other popular payment gateways. Implement robust fraud protection measures to ensure secure transactions for both you and your customers.

Shopify Paymentssource: Shopify

Shopify tip: Shopify offers two credit card payment provider options: direct and external. Direct providers enable customers to complete their purchases directly on your online store without being redirected to a third-party checkout page. This streamlined process enhances the overall user experience and reduces friction during the payment process.

1.6 Enable Guest Checkout 

The second most common reason for cart abandonment is the requirement to create an account. (Baymard) Allowing customers to complete their purchase without creating an account has its advantages and considerations. On one hand, customers will appreciate the convenience of not having to spend additional time on creating a profile, particularly beneficial for impulsive buyers. Guest checkout may lack the benefits available to logged-in users, like loyalty rewards. Carefully consider these factors for your Shopify fashion store to ensure the best user experience and align with business goals.

2. 10 Best Shopify Clothing Stores for Your Unique Business Ideas 

2.1 Fashion Nova: Redefining Fashion Trends and Accessibility

Fashion Nova, the leading brand for ready-to-wear clothing and lifestyle products, has established itself as a global powerhouse. With a remarkable achievement of being the #1 Most-Searched Fashion Brand on Google in 2018, they have become one of the most sought-after Shopify clothing stores worldwide.

shopify clothing stores

Operating out of Los Angeles, Fashion Nova offers a diverse range of collections for women, men, curves, and kids. With five retail outlets across Southern California, they have successfully blended the online and offline shopping experience.

What sets Fashion Nova apart is its status as a pop cultural phenomenon. With over 25 million followers on social media, including influential celebrities, their clothing is regularly featured in music videos by stars like Cardi B and Kylie Jenner.

When exploring their online store, one instantly notices their emphasis on pricing. Fashion Nova targets entrepreneurs with significant budgets, allowing them to provide a diverse range of products and compelling content that resonates with their website visitors.

Fashion Nova serves as an inspiration for both fashion enthusiasts and business owners alike. By offering affordable fashion and captivating a large online audience, they have firmly established themselves as a prominent industry leader.

2.2 Gymshark: Revolutionizing Fitness Apparel on Shopify

Gymshark stands as one of the most prominent Shopify clothing stores in the fitness apparel industry. Established in 2012 by Ben Francis, this brand has rapidly grown into a billion-dollar business with 18 million followers, 14 successful online stores, and a vast customer base spanning the globe.

shopify clothing stores

Ben Francis, the visionary behind Gymshark, embarked on this entrepreneurial journey armed with nothing more than a sewing machine and a printer. However, Gymshark’s meteoric rise can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to offering a remarkable range of fitness apparel and gear that prioritizes performance, quality, and comfort. Their expertise in leveraging social media platforms for effective marketing strategies is evident through their captivating Instagram feed, featuring enthusiasts donning their gear.

Gymshark’s website boasts a user-friendly design that seamlessly guides visitors through a vast array of products. With just three easily accessible gender navigation buttons at the top of the homepage, browsing becomes effortless. The store’s highly responsive layout ensures a seamless shopping experience, even on mobile devices. Each product is accompanied by an informative description, providing customers with essential details.

Moreover, Gymshark excels in building meaningful connections with its customer base. By prominently featuring new arrivals, discounts, payment options, and other essential information on the homepage, they have cultivated strong relationships with their audience, fostering a sense of loyalty and engagement.

Gymshark serves as a shining example of how a Shopify store can successfully connect with customers. Through their innovative designs, strategic use of social media, and customer-centric approach, Gymshark has revolutionized the fitness apparel industry, leaving an indelible mark on the Shopify platform.

2.3 Asphalte: Setting Trends with an Engaging Pre-Order Model

Asphalte has established itself as one of the leading eCommerce clothing brands, thanks to its innovative pre-order business model. Instead of designing collections without customer input, Asphalte takes a customer-centric approach by directly involving them in the decision-making process. They seek feedback and preferences from their customers before creating their next collection, releasing products through engaging pre-order campaigns.

This unique approach enables Asphalte to engage directly with their customer base, ensuring that they offer products that align with their desires and preferences. By actively involving customers in the product creation process, Asphalte sets new trends in the fashion industry while building a loyal following. Their high customer return rate is a testament to the success of their customer-centric approach.

shopify clothing stores

In addition to their customer engagement strategies, Asphalte is renowned for their stunning designs. Their meticulous attention to detail shines through in captivating product images that flawlessly highlight their stylish offerings, capturing customers’ attention. This seamless alignment between their design aesthetics and product presentation contributes to their overall success and solidifies their position as a brand at the forefront of the fashion industry.

Asphalte’s combination of customer involvement, trend-setting collections, and captivating design has propelled them to the forefront of the eCommerce clothing industry. Their pre-order model and commitment to customer satisfaction continue to set them apart, earning them a well-deserved reputation as a brand that truly understands and delivers what their customers want.

2.4 Taylor Stitch: Elevating Classic Men’s Clothing on Shopify

Taylor Stitch is a highly regarded brand in the fashion industry, renowned for its classic men’s clothing. Within the realm of Shopify, their store stands out with its attractive design and the inclusion of classy images that evoke a vintage aesthetic.

Upon landing on their homepage, visitors are instantly transported into an exclusive premium retail experience. The carefully curated design and imagery create an atmosphere that exudes elegance and sophistication.

shopify clothing stores

What sets Taylor Stitch apart from its competitors is its hybrid business model. Rather than maintaining a large inventory, they opt to keep only limited products in stock while crowdfunding the rest. This approach not only reduces waste but also helps to streamline overhead costs, making their operations more efficient.

By following a similar approach as Taylor Stitch, your own Shopify clothing store can captivate customers with visually stunning images and an elegant design. By differentiating yourself from competitors, you can easily attract attention and stand out in the highly competitive fashion industry.

Taylor Stitch serves as an inspiration for Shopify store owners, showcasing how a thoughtful design, vintage aesthetic, and a hybrid business model can contribute to success. Embrace their principles and create a unique shopping experience that resonates with your target audience, setting yourself apart from the crowd.

2.5 Posh Peanut: Where Practicality Meets Fashion in Shopify

Posh Peanut seamlessly blends practicality and fashion, offering customers a delightful combination of high-quality products and an exceptional shopping experience. With a focus on children’s clothing, useful accessories, and stylish matching outfits for the whole family, the brand caters to fashion-forward parents who seek both style and functionality.

shopify clothing stores

When it comes to their Shopify clothing store, Posh Peanut sets a prime example with its clean, user-friendly, and modern design. The website’s layout and navigation are thoughtfully designed, allowing customers to effortlessly explore and discover their desired products. The use of beautiful real-life images showcases how lovely the clothes would look on babies, creating an emotional connection with potential customers.

Posh Peanut stands out among the myriad of Shopify clothing stores for kids and babies. Their commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience is evident throughout their website. While there are many excellent options in this space, Posh Peanut is certainly a store worth exploring.

Posh Peanut serves as an inspiration for Shopify store owners, demonstrating how the combination of high-quality products, a clean and modern design, and a user-friendly interface can create a standout shopping experience. By emulating their approach, you can elevate your own Shopify clothing store and attract customers seeking both fashion and practicality for their little ones.

2.6. Khara Kapas: Embracing Pure Cotton Elegance on Shopify

Khara Kapas, an Indian fashion Shopify store, specializes in offering apparel crafted from pure cotton fabrics. Renowned for its high-quality materials and unique clothing designs, it rightfully earns a spot on our list of the best Shopify clothing stores.

The store’s layout theme is carefully curated, ensuring that customers enjoy a memorable shopping experience. With a focus on simplicity and user-friendliness, Khara Kapas provides seamless navigation, allowing customers to browse effortlessly through their collections. By following best practices, they display new arrivals and trending products prominently on the landing page, enabling customers to easily access their best offerings.

shopify clothing stores

Khara Kapas has mastered the art of showcasing elegance through their pure cotton clothing. With a commitment to quality and distinctive designs, they capture the essence of timeless beauty. By offering customers a unique selection of apparel, they stand out in the highly competitive fashion industry.

Khara Kapas is a testament to how a well-designed Shopify store can enhance the customer experience and showcase the best products effectively. By creating a visually appealing and user-friendly platform, you can create a memorable shopping journey for your customers, just like Khara Kapas does.

Whether it’s the allure of pure cotton fabrics or their attention to detail in design, Khara Kapas sets itself apart in the world of Shopify clothing stores. By taking inspiration from their approach, you can create a captivating store that resonates with customers who appreciate elegance, quality, and unique fashion choices.

2.7 Cettire: Where Luxury and Convenience Meet on Shopify

Cettire stands as one of the most renowned Shopify clothing stores, offering a wide range of apparel for both men and women. With an impressive collection featuring over 500 designers and luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada, and Saint Laurent, they cater to fashion enthusiasts seeking high-end products.

shopify clothing stores

What sets Cettire apart is their commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience. They prioritize providing excellent customer support and ensuring enhanced user experience for shoppers. This dedication to customer satisfaction sets them apart and fosters long-term relationships with their clientele.

One of the most enticing advantages of shopping at Cettire is their offering of free express shipping. This ensures that customers receive their products within the stipulated time frame, enhancing convenience and adding value to the overall shopping experience. Additionally, Cettire’s easy returns policy further contributes to customer satisfaction, providing peace of mind and flexibility.

Cettire’s range of offerings extends beyond clothing, encompassing various accessories and bags. This diversification opens up a world of opportunities, attracting a broader customer base by catering to men, women, and even kids.

Cettire exemplifies how a Shopify clothing store can successfully combine luxury, convenience, and a vast range of products. By emulating their approach, you can create a compelling shopping experience that appeals to a wide audience and establishes your brand as a trusted destination for luxury fashion.

2.8 Asphalte: Setting Trends with an Engaging Pre-Order Model

Asphalte distinguishes itself among eCommerce clothing brands with its remarkable pre-order business model. With a strong focus on customer opinions and feedback, they actively involve their customers in the product creation process. By introducing their products through pre-order campaigns, they ensure that they deliver exactly what their customers desire, ultimately setting trends in the fashion industry.

This customer-centric approach has garnered a loyal following of returning customers who appreciate Asphalte’s breathtaking designs. The brand’s commitment to providing high-quality products that seamlessly match the product images has proven to be highly effective in capturing and captivating the attention of their audience.

shopify clothing stores

By following a similar path as Asphalte, your Shopify clothing store can create a meaningful connection with customers by valuing their opinions and preferences. Engaging customers in the decision-making process and delivering products that meet their desires allows you to set trends and position your brand as a leader in the industry.

Asphalte serves as an inspiration for Shopify store owners, showcasing how a customer-centric approach and visually captivating designs can elevate a brand and engage customers. Embrace their principles and create an unforgettable shopping experience that resonates with your audience, allowing you to stand out in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

2.9 Big Bud Press: Celebrating Inclusivity with Colorful Daily Wear

Big Bud Press is a Los Angeles-based clothing business renowned for its high-quality daily wear clothes designed for individuals of all body types and genders. With a strong commitment to ethical and local manufacturing practices, they prioritize sustainability and social responsibility.

Operating both physical and digital stores, Big Bud Press presents a vibrant and colorful website that reflects their brand identity. The website’s simple and easy navigation system ensures a seamless shopping experience for customers. Embracing inclusivity, Big Bud Press offers clothing options for all body shapes, promoting body positivity and self-expression.

What sets Big Bud Press apart is not only their commitment to inclusivity but also their unique photography style. Their distinctive approach to showcasing their clothing collection captivates the attention of customers and distinguishes them from the crowd.

shopify clothing stores

Big Bud Press serves as a shining example of a clothing brand that values diversity and promotes a sense of belonging. By offering clothing for all body types and creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website, they stand out in the industry and resonate with customers seeking fashion that celebrates individuality.

By embracing similar principles of inclusivity, easy navigation, and distinctive brand aesthetics, you can create a standout Shopify clothing store that captures the attention of customers and fosters a sense of community and acceptance.

2.10. Alo Yoga: Building a Comprehensive Ecosystem in the Sportswear Niche

Alo Yoga stands as an exemplary model for effectively upselling products within the sportswear niche. Not only do they offer a diverse range of high-quality sportswear, but they also expand their offerings to include related beauty products and training equipment. This strategic approach complements their brand and provides customers with a holistic shopping experience.

What sets Alo Yoga apart is their commitment to supporting a non-profit organization that promotes mindfulness and physical activity. By aligning their brand values with a meaningful cause, they connect with customers on a deeper level, fostering loyalty and engagement. Additionally, their inclusion of yoga classes as part of their offerings further solidifies their position as a comprehensive destination for all things yoga-related.

shopify clothing stores

Alo Yoga’s success as a Shopify store serves as a remarkable source of inspiration for building a comprehensive ecosystem around a clothing brand. Creating a unique and captivating shopping experience for customers involves diversifying your product range, supporting relevant causes, and providing complementary services or experiences.

Emulating Alo Yoga’s approach, you can effectively upsell products within your niche while nurturing a community that shares your brand’s values. By creating a comprehensive ecosystem, you can differentiate your Shopify clothing store and cultivate long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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4. Conclusion

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