Easy steps to create and deactivate the manual payment method in Shopify

Although there are some clients who don’t want to pay for their Shopify orders with credit cards. However, if you set up a manual payment option in Shopify, customers can still place an order online. When your clients use manual Shopify payments, you can make sure their payments are received in the way that works best for them. You can send invoices to your customers. After receiving the payment, you can manually approve the order. Common types of manual payments include cash on delivery (COD), money orders, and bank transfers. There are no third party transaction fees for manual payments.

How are manual payments understood in Shopify?

Shopify’s manual payment method is a payment setting that determines which payment method you can use, just as Shopify transactions are charged.

On the Orders page, orders that accept manual payments are identified as unpaid. After receiving payment for a customer’s order, you can mark the order as paid on the order detail page and fulfill the order as you would if they had made an online payment.

How to create the manual payment method for your Shopify store.

To start making manual payments, you can use a suggested manual payment method or create a custom manual payment method.

Use a recommended manual payment technique.

You can choose from a list of manual payment methods suggested on the Payment provider settings page in the Shopify admin.

Design a unique manual payment method.

How to turn off manual payments in your Shopify store.

Access Payment providers

Log in to your Shopify account, then select Settings on the left end of the page. Then click on Payment providers.
Shopify manual payments

change manual payments

In the Accept Payments section, scroll down and find the Manual Payments section. You will see the Edit button next to the payment method you are using, press it. For example, if you’ve enabled COD marking, it would look like this:
Shopify manual payments


After clicking Edit, the payment setting will appear under the name. At the end of the settings there is a Deactivate button on the left and choose it.

Shopify manual payments


A new dialogue box will appear on the screen, you must press Deactivate again to confirm your choice.


Shopify manual payments is also one of the simplest ways to receive payments online. You won’t need to set up a merchant account with a third-party payment provider and enter account credentials in Shopify. We hope that the information we have provided about how to create and deactivate the manual payment method for your Shopify store helps you. With just a few clicks you can create and deactivate the manual payment method for your Shopify store.

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