E-commerce website for Jewellery using Magento


APPLES & FIGS Jewellery is a famous store that specializes in retailing Jewellery in the UK. They create a garden of jewels, a forever-flourishing garden with gemstones, floral motifs, and wondrous stars. They want to bring gorgeous to their customers when coming to APPLES & FIGS Jewellery. 

Magento website

After a period of growth, APPLES & FIGS Jewellery thought of scaling up its business and expanding its brand. Therefore, they looked for a development team to help them build a robust online store. And ONEXT DIGITAL was selected as their website design and development partner.


They share with us their requirements:

  • Building a website for a large number of jewellery  products
  • Building a website with the Builder extension
  • Building multiple websites Including pages: home, categories, product, cart, checkout page, and others
  • Building Multiple stores
  • Creating a fast-speed website with high security and confidentiality.
  • Integrating many payment methods.
  • Using multi-extensions 


Magento website

We did this for APPLES & FIGS Jewellery:

  • Ecommerce consulting
  • UX/UI design 
  • Magento website (website development & customization)
  • System Integration
  • Testing by ISTQB QAs  
  • Ongoing support & optimizatio
  • MagicToolbox MagicZoomPlus
  • MGS Megamenu
  • MGS Blog
  • Amasty Customer attributes
  • Solwin Instagram

The result

The collaboration between ONEXT DIGITAL and APPLES & FIGS Jewellery creates a new Magento website- a robust online store. That helps them to better represent their brand and quickly scale their business.

The website was very well received, and it also helps APPLES & FIGS Jewellery attracts a large number of customers as well as achieving a 4.5x increase in conversion in the 2 month-first of the solution’s release.