Gift for babies with Shopify store


Our customer is a famous store that specializes in supplying together curated gift boxes of play for children in Australia. They combine montossori, sensory, waldorf and Tracy Hoggs schools of thought to bring the perfect box for their customers and their child to play with or be so helpful to their customers as parents.

Shopify store

As a retail gift store, it needs to show customers its products as well as update the newest products to its domestic and foreign clients. As such, our customers recognized that a website was necessary immediately and then they looked for a reliable development team ready to help them to create a robust online store. With + 15 years of experience and extensive expertise in software development, ONEXT DIGITAL has been becoming their reliable partner.


Our customer shares with us the following requirements:

  • Firstly, they required a website built on a cloud-based platform.
  • Secondly, they wanted to integrate many payment methods.
  • Next, they requested us to ensure personalization, and simplify management.
  • Then, they require a website that streamlined user navigation; 
  • In addition,  they asked for a website with easy-to-understand content (Product descriptions); attractive design (Easy navigation), and using multi-extensions based on their requirements.
  • Finally, it’s timely support from ONEXT DIGITAL.


Shopify store

We did for the customer:

  • We help our customers choose the Shopify platform to build their online store.
  • We offer UX/UI design that is appropriate to customers’ requirements.
  • We implement the Shopify project (website development & customization).
  • We have done system integration based on customers’ requirements.
  • We are always available for 24/7 ongoing support to our customers.


ONEXT DIGITAL helps its customers create a modern E-Commerce using the newest from the Shopify platform. Since the website is going live, they have been reaching out to a large number of customers domestically and internationally. Moreover, we help them achieve a 5.5x increase in conversion in the 2-month first.

If you want a robust online store on Shopify to scale up your business and increase your revenue rapidly, reach out to ONEXT DIGITAL. We are always ready to be a reliable partner to you in order to create intuitive, sales-driven, and powerful technology projects.