eCommerce Website For Furniture Retailer Using Magento


Mancheste House is a famous retailer in Australia. This is an online homewares store that specializes in offering a variety of bed, bath and kitchen clothing products including bed sheet, quilt cover, pillow case, curtains and towels. In line with the digital age, this business has to extend their brand to the Internet. Through Manchester website, customers can order furniture such as bed, bath and kitchen clothing products for any when, anywhere.

Therefore, the company has decided to work with AHT solution to release the ecommerce website. They expected that the ecommerce website would come with powerful features. Magento, with robust features of an open-source platform, is the perfect that matches their requirements so well.




ManchesteHouse shared with us their requirements including:

  • Our clients required a website for a large number of homewares products
  • They want to have a fast-speed website with high security and confidentiality.
  • In addition, they also this website must be familiar with mobile
  • Using multi-extensions based on their requirements
  • Integrating many payment methods.


Together with the ManchesteHouse, we chose Magento flatform for the responsive and scalable  website. The feature-rich core extension enabled to implement most of the required ecommerce functionality. The project included an crucial part of Magento development – UI customization and branding in according with the client’s corporate style.

The result


ONEXT DIGITAL helps ManchesteHouse create a robust online store with  a modern, convenient, and mobile-friendly design. The one-page checkout helped the our clients achieve a 4.5x increase in conversion in the first month of the solution’s release.

Are you looking for an enterprise that helps your business achieve the target and the high-grow revenue every year? ONEXT DIGITAL is always ready to be a companion to you in order to create the great results.